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We’re Paul and Ronni Curtis, writers and editors, and Pete Mackenzie, designer, who have joined forces to offer a unified, all-inclusive range of services to publishers, authors and marketers.


Paul has been a professional writer for many years. First in advertising (where he was creative director of one of South Africa’s largest advertising agencies), then as a self-publisher (writing several fly fishing books, including a best-selling series), then as a publisher of other writers' books and recently as a developmental editing and project managing resource for a well-known UK outdoor sports book publisher.


Pete is a highly experienced designer, illustrator, artist and photographer (but not necessarily all at the same time) who particularly enjoys the process of assembling book designs. Although he was born and lived for many years in London, he now lives on the Welsh border not far from Hay-on-Wye, the world-famous 'book town'. 


With a BA in English and Communications, Ronni's background is in journalism and copywriting, switching ten years ago to copy editing and proofreading. She has also lectured at graduate level in creative writing, copy editing and proofreading.


We have several associates on call, including Welsh language and Celtic heritage authority, Bill McCann, specialist photographers, illustrators, and production professionals.

Fresh, experienced eyes can sharpen ideas and make your words sing off the page.


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