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No matter what editing, design, project management or publicity material you require, Mackenzie Curtis will deliver. You can buy a package of services to take your project from first contact with your author to finished printed book, or cherry pick exactly what you need. We can also help with any of your overflow.


Many authors today choose the self-publishing route. Often though, the books produced don’t match the quality, feel or design of conventional publishing houses. This is not a matter of costs, but of skills and experience. We’ve worked closely with many writers over the years, and written and self-published books of our own, so we understand how to balance the cost/quality equation. We can advise you on the benefits and drawbacks of traditional publishing versus print-on-demand (POD) and advise how to set your work up as e-books.

We understand authors

We like working with writers. We recognise their determination, audacity, wit, knowledge and skill. It takes some courage to create work based on their inner thoughts, beliefs and research, and place it into the public gaze. It can be a lonely occupation too – an exercise in determination to sit down for long, occasionally frustrating, sometimes boring, hours of labour – but the prize for all that work is a completed manuscript that encapsulates all the effort. It is not an easy task and we admire it.

Some writers may already have been published in magazines, club journals, and blogs. Others may be compiling material from diaries and journals. Some may previously have written books but weren’t happy with the end product. Some will be professionals – experts in their fields – while others are keen amateurs who have built up extensive knowledge and practical experience, but they all share a common drive: they find they have something that just has to be put down in a book.

These are the writers we like to work with. For them, we offer unbiased, fresh, experienced eyes – to sharpen their ideas and to make their words sing off the page.

Companies that need high quality communications

Besides publishing, we can draw on award-winning advertising and design experience and can both conceptualise and create high quality material for POP, brochures, catalogues, annual reports, etc. We can advise on costs and printers and see your job through to delivery


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